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You're Almost There!

Thu, 15 May 14
You're Almost There!

You're almost there!


“I’m thinking of quitting uni and travelling for a year or so,” explained Jacqui. She was half way through her four year degree at Queensland Uni and was tired of the discipline of study and bored with the topics that originally captivated her.

Like many, she had lost sight of her dream. I can’t begin to remember how many people I’ve talked to who started something with high levels of enthusiasm only to drop out half way through. Some even want to quit when they’re almost there.

When people come to see me about life or career decisions like this I listen more than I talk and try to reflect back to them what I’m hearing. I often share stories of others who have been through something similar and attempt to give them an independent and objective perspective.

As we enter the short, dark days of our Queensland winter it’s even more tempting to give up something we’ve started. Everything just seems too hard and the thought of doing something easier is very attractive.

But almost every time, it’s better to finish something we started than to give up before the finish line. The feeling of accomplishment when we achieve a goal or a dream is just fantastic and takes us to a higher level of confidence and willingness to tackle another challenge.

One young man who came to see me was around 85% finished in his training, but just wanted out. I encouraged him to lighten up and make sure he laughed a lot more. I suggested he went to the movies more often and hired some good DVD’s.  I helped him to take a fresh look at how far he had come and to think about his family and friends and how they all wanted him to succeed. He stayed on track and graduated and is grateful he didn’t take the easy way out.

It’s that season of year when we seem to need more encouragement than usual. Remember, encouragement is ‘oxygen for the soul’ and it has been well said that,  ‘the applause of a single human being is of great consequence’.

It’s likely you know someone who is attempting to climb a mountain right now. Give them a call, tell them you are praying for them, send them an email or a note or a box of chocolates – it could really make a difference.



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