About Us

Brian and Moira are a unique team of self published authors who both speak across Australia and around the world.

A feature of their 'Live Happy Together' lives is that they often speak together in a 'tag team' style which many find compelling. Those who listen to them find their presentations inspiring, enlightening, engaging and providing lots of 'take home' value.

Originally from New Zealand, they relocated to Brisbane, Australia at the beginning of 1984. Moira cheers for the All Blacks and Brian the Wallabies.

They met and married in 12 weeks and during the first 12 months of their marriage slept in 77 different locations in 10 countries! That seemed to set the scene for subsequent years. They've bungee jumped; enjoyed special wedding anniversaries in China, Noosa and Queenstown;  spoken in such diverse locations as Morocco, Spain, China, East Timor, England, Switzerland and across North America; along the way producing three children who have produced 7 grandchildren.

They maintain a high passion for life, for each other, for their family and friends and for the dreams that make life such an adventure. 

Most of their presentations fit under one of the four themes: Personal Development, Relationship Happiness, Happy Parenting and Spiritual Development.