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Life or Death in Your Home

Fri, 6 Jun 14
Life or Death in Your Home

“She’s half way between pretty and ugly, which makes her pretty ugly!” laughed her Dad. “Hey, you shouldn’t talk like that about your daughter. She’s very pretty,” I interrupted. “Ah, it’s only fun,” the careless Dad responded. We were in the home of some ‘not seen for a long time’ interstate friends. They are a loving and caring family, but a seventeen year girl desperately needs to hear positive words from her Dad. As we all sat in the lounge I noticed the daughter alternately sucking her thumb and on a piece of fabric. She’s got a boyfriend who wants to marry her and she’s not far off graduating from high school and there she is sucking her thumb!

I couldn’t resist going over and putting my arm around her and snatching the ‘cuddly’ fabric off her. She chased me round the lounge to get it back but I told her it was time to give it up.

During the same trip we visited some distant relatives and I remarked to the Dad what a delightful young man his fifteen year old was. The son could hear what I said and his eyes lit up, before the Dad remarked, “Oh, don’t tell him that, he’ll get a big head.” The light went out in the young boy’s eyes as I told the Dad it was a good thing to affirm his son.

In another family we visited the father and son have a history of conflict. As we were having coffee I noticed this son constantly keeping his eyes on his Dad. I sensed he would love to hear positive words from his Dad who called him a mongrel and referred to him at times as a ‘useless little XXXX!’ It’s no wonder his boy has had behavioural problems and at twenty nine is still trying to find his way in life and relationships.

In another home recently I noticed the family of five had only positive and kind words to say to and about each other. I told the Dad I thought the way he talked to his kids and included them in conversations was fantastic. “Well, my children are just brilliant and I’m so lucky to be their dad,” he enthused. His children are now young adults, but they love living with their mum and dad and are always bringing their friends to the family home.

The tongue has the power of life and death. Speak life to those you love and watch them flourish.

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