I Grow In Grandad's Garden

I Grow In Grandad's Garden

I Grow In Grandad's Garden

I Grow in Grandad's Garden is a captivating, illustrated story book, that's more than a story!

It's a personal development book for early learners.
It takes your chlidren, grandchildren or students on a personal growth journey that's fun.
It helps you discover what makes children happy, sad, afraid and excited.
It contains interactive questions designed to help you get closer to your children and grandchildren.
It enables you to pass on good values naturally to your children and grandchildren - the values of gratititude, forgiveness, courage and generosity which set children up for a life of success and significance.
It provides you with an idea that is transferable to your home or classroom with or without a garden.

The beautiful paintings were created by accomplished and popular Queensland artist, Banx. www.banx.com.au

28 pages + cover

I Grow In Grandad's Garden

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'My kids love 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden beyond words. Who would have thought one page in a children's book could change a little (8 year old) person's life. Thank you very much. This has opened up a whole new world for me as a mother and for my children' October 2013

'We took 56 children on a camp outside of Bucharest (Romania). We used 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden' as a lesson guide for the week. The kids had many questions. The Let Go Log stop spot helped many kids open up and share their stories. Most of the children were afraid to dream, but many were in tears when we spoke about having dreams. Thank you so much for such a special children's book.' Camp Leader December 2012

With over 10,000 copies of Grandad's Garden sold across Australia and around the world, the stories of dynamic impact humble and astonish the author. Although a children's book, adults share stories of goosebumps while reading GDGarden and life change as a result. Grandparents report stories of unprecedented communication with their grandchildren and a more meaningful relationship as a result.

Teachers have developed what they call the 'Grandad's Garden learning model', many re creating GDGarden's inside and outside the classroom. 

The largest group who purchase GDGarden's continues to be young mum's. Much of their feedback features their children developing gratitude, forgiveness, courage and generosity. 

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