More Ice Cream, Less Beans

More Ice Cream, Less Beans

Life was meant to be an adventure, but for many it ends up a predictable routine of repetition with dulled senses and distant dreams.

Brian wrote More Ice Cream, Less Beans to encourage and enlighten us on our journey of life. It's a catalyst to produce more passion and energy in our day, more love and laughter in our heart and to give us more hope and inspiration to achieve our dreams.

It quickly became an Australian best-seller with over 26,000 sold.

It contains motivational stories, observations and insights, along with practical ideas to increase our expectations and enrich our relationships.

The contents of this book will help you:

  • get more from life and achieve your dreams
  • enrich your relationships
  • inspire self confidence and unleash your potential
  • develop a winning combination with your life partner
  • release creative power as you turn obstacles into opportunities
  • be the mum and dad your kids desire and admire
  • discover personal happiness and a higher purpose for life
  • create a happy home and build a better tomorrow
More Ice Cream, Less Beans

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'My husband loves your book. He keeps it in the bathroom and when he stays longer than required I know why.'

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