Brian in Schools

Brian offers three primary areas of expertise: 

1. Grandparent Days

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Brian can adapt his presentations to whatever format suits the occasion. 

2. Readings of ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’

‘The Book that’s more than a story’ and;

readings of 'The Adventures of A B C & D'

3. Professional Development 

Typical Topics include:

  • ‘Creating a Healthy Learning Environment’ – 4 Essential Features 
  • 'How to Live and Work Happy Together’- 5 Essential Behaviours 

Invite Brian to do GDG readings to the children and/or Professional Development for the staff. Some plan the invite around Grandparents Day, new library or multi purpose building opening, new Grandad’s Garden opening or some other locally significant occasion. 

Brian has done readings from Prep to Year 12 which always includes enthusiastic participation from the students. Combined classes of up to 100 have enjoyed his presentations. 

You could also ask him to do Professional Development sessions for the teaching staff. Recent PD sessions include: ‘How to Create a Healthy Learning Environment’ and ‘How to Live (and work) Happy Together’