Upgrade to a happy confident and grateful woman

Flying back to Australia in a private jet was the ultimate in upgrades. A French-made top of the range Falcon with plush leather seats, two pilots and four passengers, a gorgeous girl to pour our drinks and prepare our food (actually, there was no girl at all), no baggage checks, waved through the flight crew arrivals lane, arrived fresh and good to go. Very nice. Everyone likes an upgrade. You can upgrade the quality of your relationship from cattle class to private jet; but it's up to you.

Five Upgrades

Apply the five Man Card upgrades each day and the quality of your relationship will improve significantly immediately and dramatically over time. These small upgrades make a BIG difference.

The Man Book will help you

  • enjoy the best sex you’ve ever had
  • play like a team
  • stop criticizing and arguing
  • stop fantasizing about someone new
  • save you from living ‘home alone’
  • features a world first home-based ‘Fart Protocol’

However, you’ve got to toughen up.

When you know what you want, it’s not so difficult to toughen up, because your focus is not on the pain, but on the dream.
The first time I met Moira, I was captivated by her beautiful smile and perfect legs. A bit over twelve weeks later we married. Although we had it figured we were each responsible for our own happiness, we also knew we would become the primary external source of happiness for each other. So, we invested time, money and energy to work out the best way to achieve that.

Along the way, we discovered that sharing a dream and ‘playing’ like a team, took us to the highest levels of relationship accomplishment and pleasure. We also discovered the necessity of keeping our hearts in good condition to run the relationship race well. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples for decades and read hundreds of books on relationships. I’ve presented seminars and events for couples and I’ve observed and recorded insights into successful relationships during those years. I’ve recorded hundreds of hours of experience and feedback in the video of my mind, and this I know; knowledge alone won’t build a great relationship, but wisdom will.

The Man Book is a handbook of relationship wisdom which I’ve accumulated through friendship, counsel, research and my own experience. One of the best ways to get wise is to learn from mistakes. I’ve made my share, and learned from them. Hopefully, my mess-ups.