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Over 10,000 copies sold!

‘After many years of proven and highly effective pastoral leadership and ministry, God has led Brian into a remarkable new season of fruitfulness. His book “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden” and the sessions he conducts based on this, have brought acclaim from educators and health professionals, as well as the general community. Brian’s knowledge and communication skills will provide you with a unique opportunity to engage and to touch your community as well as your church, with God’s love and life changing Kingdom principles.’

Pastor Gary Swenson State Ministries Director ACC QLD/NT 

‘Brian is an engaging and passionate communicator of God’s Truth. He has a deep love for God and an inspiring faith in the power of Christ to transform people’s lives. Brian’s stories and style enables him to relate to all generations. God has used his book, ‘I grow in Grandad’s Garden’ to bring hope and healing to many families in our church and as an effective way to share the truth of God’s Word with families throughout the community. Brian has been a blessing to our Church and I am confident that you would be blessed by his ministry.’
Jason Elsmore Senior Pastor Gateway Baptist Church 

‘When a person’s ministry is their uncompromising life style, that person is worth listening too. Brian Andrew is such a man who’s every breath and word is full of life, wisdom and joy. He captures that life and releases it brilliantly in his speaking, seminars and books. He and his ministry are an inspiration to all ages.’
Pastor/Dr Chas Gullo Senior Pastor Suncoast Christian Church 

‘Brian is a skilled communicator who has the ability to connect with listeners. Be it a church setting or business event, Brian's down to earth style and storytelling is something everyone can relate to. I Grow in Grandad’s Garden is a powerful book, I was amazed at the impact a children's book had on the lives of so many; it is truly interwoven with principles you can base your life on.’
Stephen Jeffs General Manager Network Communications 

‘Brian is a gifted speaker who connected well with our congregation. He has an ability to teach in ways that are memorable and encouraging. He also has an enthusiasm which really engages with people, whether they have church backgrounds or not. The congregation really appreciated his time with us. Personally, from a leadership perspective, I also appreciated hearing about Brian’s pastoral background, as he shared from some of his pastoral experience.’
Rev Nick McLennan, Minister Mahurangi Presbyterian Church 

‘We had Brian speak at AHCC for a full Sunday and the response was excellent. His style, content and obvious expertise with his subject matter had everyone engaged, challenged and encouraged. I highly recommend him as a speaker and I’m confident he will deliver in any environment he speaks into.’ 
Mark Elmendorp Senior Pastor Albany Hills Christian Church 

‘I love Brian's determination to keep the good news - good news! He communicates a lot of ministry and life experience in a very practical, uplifting Aussie way. His book, 'I grow in Grandad’s Garden' is a great user friendly way for parents and grandparents to build resilience in children and to create a safe relationship space for emotional and spiritual health; for both children and adults. I’m very happy to commend him and his ministry to you.’
Major Stuart Reid The Salvation Army, South East Qld Divisional HQ,
Division Mission and Resource Director – Corps

‘Brian and Moira's message is both inspirational and heart warming. They both role model well a life of generosity and gratitude. Brian and Moira recently shared with our Nexus women, encouraging us that living out forgiveness and courage in the midst of the “tough stuff", is not only doable but fun. They relate incredibly well to any age group and have left our Nexus women with a rich deposit of wanting to live life to the fullest!’
Jane Averill Senior Pastor Nexus Church 

‘You have presented Christian truths with lots of wisdom. Come and speak in our church any time’ - pastor 

‘I see the fingerprint of God when reading GDG’ – graphic designer 

‘This will be helpful to many of little or no faith’ – Christian leader 

‘You have stripped down adult concepts into every day language which people can understand and apply to their lives’ – minister 

‘Some of our people purchased multiple copies of GDG to give to family and friends’ – pastor 

‘A beautifully compiled literary and visual book. Extraordinary things have happened to people because of this book’ – The Catholic Leader 

Brian has received many invitations to speak at schools, seminars, churches and conferences using I Grow in Grandad’s Garden as the ‘springboard’ for his presentations. 

He has also done readings at numerous schools using a display size copy of GDG. 

He uses power point in some of his presentations which include photos, art work and quotes suitable to his audience. 

GDG has been translated into Japanese and is being translated into Portugese, Chinese and Arabic. 

Brian’s wife Moira has sold over 700 copies to total strangers in parks, coffee shops, at the beach and at our local pool.