Book Shop, Gift Shop and Business Owners

‘Everyone who buys a copy just loves it’ – Brisbane gift shop owner – ‘we sell more copies of GDG than any other book in stock’

‘Brian is a skilled communicator who has the ability to connect with listeners. Be it a church setting or business event, Brian's down to earth style and storytelling is something everyone can relate to. I Grow in Grandad’s Garden is a powerful book, I was amazed at the impact a children's book had on the lives of so many; it is truly interwoven with principles you can base your life on.’
Stephen Jeffs General Manager Network Communications 

‘Our first order of GDG walked out the door! Please send more. I plan to present GDG at our local school’ – book shop owner 

‘I would like another 10 copies for clients and friends’ 

‘I’ll take 50 copies thanks’ – Yeronga pool manager who on sold to her patrons. Moira frequently visits Yeronga Pool where over 200 copies have been purchased!