I Grow in Grandma's Garden

I Grow in Grandma's Garden

Join Sian and her Grandma on a growing journey through Grandma’s Garden. Discover what helps children develop positive thinking, overcome worry and discover their dreams from an early age.

The ‘Think and Thank’ seat shows us the value of good memories which helps develop happiness

The ‘Let Go Log’ shows us the value of pulling out worry weeds which helps develop confidence

‘Cross Over Corner shows us the value of encouragement which helps develop courage 

The ‘Dream Table’ shows us the value of discovering our gifts which helps develop kindness 

Helping children who worry too much 

Create a worry bucket

Help them write down their worries and then place them in the bucket. Take the bucket and tip the worries into the rubbish bin! Sometimes it could be helpful for you to tell them you will carry their worries.

Create a happy box

Decorate a box with stickers, beads, glitter or ribbons. Make some colourful cards with happy and inspirational thoughts. Suggest they place the happy box by their bed or somewhere handy so they can be happy when they read a card or two each day. 


You are helping them pull out worry weeds and plant happy seeds. 

I Grow in Grandma's Garden

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