I Grow in Grandad’s Garden & I Grow in Grandma’s Garden

I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ is a best seller in Australia – over 17,000 sold


1. Personal development books for children with a focus of 4 values: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Courage and Generosity.

2. The ‘growing in grandad’s garden’ concept is capturing the imagination of an increasing number of teachers across Australia.

3. Produced for 4-10-year old’s. Impacts older children through to adults with strong visuals attracting younger readers.

4. Self-published. Original art work, local artist. 20,000+ copies sold including The Adventures of A B C & D

5. Sales analysis.

1. 28-40ish year old passionate mums – largest group by far; including teachers – 70%

2. Grandparents – 25%

3. Mental Health Care Professionals – 5%

6. Christian philosophy: My approach has been similar to the book of Esther; the only book in the Bible that doesn’t mention God, but of course the heart and fingerprint of God saturate the story.

7. Teacher Testimonials –

8. Parent Testimonials -

9. We have now presented in over 265 schools over the last 5 years - a fairly even mix of State, Catholic and Independent

How to use these books in schools

1. Counselling - lots of room for engagement and discussion

2. Readings to groups/classes – lots of room for engagement and discussion

3. Catalyst to the Creation of a Grandad’s Garden in the school

  • See photos on our Facebook page:

  • You can be the catalyst, but it is essential the school takes ownership so it’s their garden, not yours. This will ensure long term impact

  • An increasing number of schools have enlisted the services of a landscape designer or architect - most have been a part of the wider school community and delighted to use their skills voluntarily

  • Don't underestimate the ability of the school gardener/maintenance staff. The more you involve them, the more the school 'owns' the concept 

  • We recommend you call it 'Grandad's Garden' which will help ensure the school 'owns' the garden and recognises what it can achieve

  • Be the catalyst for the establishment of a team who raise funds, recruit volunteers, approach Bunnings and tradies…

  • Many schools have enlisted skilled parents and grandparents to create a Think and Thank Seat, a Let Go Log, a Cross Over Corner or a Dream Table - many of them are remarkable works of art and the parent or grandparent gets a lot of joy out of contributing

  • Bunnings and other stores often have a ‘charity/giving back’ mindset and have donated heavily to the creation of Grandad's Gardens in many schools

  • Some raise funds on Grandparent Days or via the P and C…

  • Most Chappies, teachers and Principals have a copy of 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden' when they take a student or group around the garden - this keeps a focus, with the interactive questions naturally opening the hearts and minds of students

4. Be the catalyst to the school having an annual Grandparent Day if they don’t have one already. The rapid growth of these days is a sociological phenomenon across Australia and New Zealand. Working with SU Chappies Dave Kamholtz and Justin Coventry in Cooktown in October saw all six schools have their first Grandparent Day and also open the Let Go Log; the first stop spot of their Grandad’s Gardens.

Chappie Resources

Letter to Principal/Head of Primary, explaining Grandparent Days: download here

To Create a Memorable Grandparent Day: download here