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Wherever you are - Be There!

Fri, 23 May 14
Wherever you are - Be There!

Some of my earliest memories are of sitting around the fire on cold winter nights. Four little freshly bathed boys in their PJ’s and heavy dressing gowns. Dad and Mum on their chairs and the boys close by.

When bed time came around we all had our warm ‘hot water bottles’ to accompany us under the cold sheets.

In those days there was no television, no video games, no internet, no mobile phones, no texting, no DVD’s, infrequent phone calls…what on earth did we do?

We talked! We played games. We toasted marshmallows. Sometimes we listened to a radio show. Other times Dad or Mum would play the piano or piano accordion. We had no idea we were missing anything.

I remember a few years ago when almost one million of us lost electronic connection due to technology failure many of us felt emotionally disconnected as well. We couldn’t connect by phone or internet and realised how much we’ve come to depend on technology.

A local paper’s cartoon showing a bunch of bewildered people unable to connect electronically, suggested that maybe we should just start talking to each other.

Good plan.

I’m inextricably dependent on the technology of the 21st century, but I’m making sure I don’t let it replace the irreplaceable warmth of face to face relationships. If I’m having a meal out or just spending time with family or friends I’ll usually turn my phone off.

Why should we let ‘intruders’ interrupt happy and priceless times with those we value?

I still find it incredible that so often at restaurants or the beach or almost anywhere, a person will talk on their mobile while their family or friends are left staring at the menu or trying to look cool while feeling awkward.

What are we thinking?

As the saying goes; ‘Wherever you are. Be there!’

We are hardwired to function at our best when we are connected to others in healthy and life giving relationships. Recently I read that the quickest way to dismantle a personality is to isolate it.

Technology can connect us beneficially, but it can also isolate us from the challenge and colour of real relationships. To live and love well we need to make sure the brilliance and benefit of modern technology remains our servant and not our master.

There’s no substitute to looking those you love in the eye as you speak words that feed their soul.

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