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Pings, Rings and Voices

Fri, 27 May 11
Pings, Rings and Voices

Pings, Rings and Voices 

It was a great pool party. Around twenty adults and twenty children and lots of food, drink, talk, yelling and laughter.

In the middle of the happy sound, the cry of a child. One mother’s head turned faster. The cry didn’t even register with the males in the group. But the voice or sound recognition of a Mum is a phenomenon to me.

A cacophony of noise to everyone, but not to the awakened senses of a young mum, attuned to her child above others.

Seems there’s more surround sound in our world than ever. I’ve had an iphone for a couple of years and have learned to distinguish between the unique sounds announcing an email, a text or a facebook notification.

I’m often around a group of twenty somethings and the pings and rings never stop. Of course during lectures they mute their phones, but I think they switch to vibrate so they get whatever message is so important.

Why the need to be so switched on?

When I’m out walking I often pass people who are tuned in to their ipod. Why screen out the sounds of nature on a beautiful morning?

They way we’re heading some will be surprised by the sound of wind in the trees or the screech of a cockatoo.

Having an iphone has been good for me. Joining facebook has had unexpected benefits. I came home yesterday with my new iphone 4 and couldn’t find the right response to a right click on the itunes icon. What to do? Posting my dilemma on facebook, I had the solution within minutes.

But I don’t live on or by my phone or facebook. They are my slaves, not my masters. They will never dominate my lifestyle. I want to stay tuned to the sounds of those I love, to the therapeutic sounds of running water or crashing surf.

I don’t want too many sounds or voices in my world. I don’t want to lie down to sleep with my mind listening for a ping or a ring.

I want my mind to be in harmony with my heart. I want to stay open to the heart sounds of my family, my friends and my colleagues.

Most of all I want to stay tuned to the inner Voice of my Creator who still speaks with those who listen.


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