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Eat well, live well.

Sat, 28 May 11
Eat well, live well.

Eat Well, Live Well

I can easily eat a packet of Tim Tams or a large block of chocolate in an hour or so. But I don’t. Well every now and then maybe.

I have a friend who buys a medium size block of chocolate occasionally and it lasts him a week. I can’t do that. If there’s chocolate in the house, I find it and eat it. We all know chocolate gives us a bit of a rush. Apparently it connects with our brain in such a way that it can become addictive.

Parents used to say; ‘you can have too much of a good thing’ or ‘All things in moderation’. Maybe they still do, but the addictive power of junk food seems to be overwhelming many well intentioned parents.

Obesity is one of our most serious health issues. Being really fat is making a lot of people really miserable. On the other hand could it be that being miserable contributes to making us fat?

Miserable might be a bit strong, but many of us eat the wrong food or too much wrong food when we’re tired or stressed.

Sad thing is, the reward gives us a temporary high and over time the harsh consequence of becoming overweight.

Moira and I decided our kids wouldn’t eat junk food. We would feed them carrots and celery and dates and all kinds of delicious and healthy snacks. Then we had kids.

Game on! It was a battle, but overall we did manage to produce healthy and well balanced adults. Sure, they like chocolate and blame my genes for passing the passion on. But I inherited the liking from my father who inherited it from his mother. Right.

I saw a bit of Oprah recently where Oprah ‘came out’ again regarding her significant weight gain. Failed Biggest Loser type winners waddled on and confessed to falling into old habits.

Bottom line was: ‘Just be you. If you’re comfortable with your (fat) self then all is well’.  Hello? No mention of self discipline. No mention of serious health consequences. Some mention that overeating is a symptom not a cause.

Honouring our Creator means looking after our miraculous body the best we can.

Of course it’s difficult and I’m the first to admit I don’t always make the right choice. But eating well produces its own reward.

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