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Dont Let the Buzzards Get You Down

Mon, 26 May 14
Dont Let the Buzzards Get You Down

Vanderlei and Danielle, Anna and Riccardo, Moyses and Josie, Reinaldo and many other Brazilians have become great friends over the years. I have quite a few Brazilian T shirts and flags and mementos of our Brazilian friendships.

My Brazilian connection was why I was paying particular attention to the marathon at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The little Brazilian, Vanderlei de Lima was leading and looking good after 34 kilometres run. With around 8 kilometres to go commentators were beginning to believe he could win gold.

Shorter and lighter than almost everyone else in the field, there is no question that his slight body contained a huge heart.

It was a while ago now, but you may still remember the moment when his dream was derailed. A mentally unstable Irishman hurled himself into Vanderlei, forcing him off the course and into the crowd. The Irishman had spent time in prison the year before after running onto the Grand Prix race track in England.

De Lima was shocked and shaken by the sudden violence. Despite losing his rhythm and his position he didn’t hesitate to get back in the race.

But he didn’t lose his motivation or his joy. When he entered the old marble stadium he exploded in childlike exuberance, punching the air with his fists and his 3rd place earned him Olympic bronze.

He should have won the gold.

After the race and wearing his olive wreath he was interviewed by a frenzied media pack. They couldn’t figure why he was so happy. He was robbed of the gold. De Lima explained; “It is a festive moment. It is a unique moment. Most athletes never have this moment. The Olympic spirit prevailed again…I was able to win a medal for myself and for my country.”

Seems to me we all get pushed off the track of life from time to time. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s violent, but always it hurts. The big question in life isn’t that we get pushed or even who does the pushing.

It’s whether we pick ourselves up and get back on track. It’s pointless to point the finger of blame or even worse to allow our bruising to become bitterness. Learn from it. Get over it. Get back in the race of life.

Keep smiling. Be grateful. Don’t let the buzzards get you down.



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