The Man Card

Every day we measure. We step on bathroom scales, look in the mirror, check our bank balance, keep an eye on our speedometer and fuel gauge, watch the temperature when cooking, constantly check the time, see how many people like or follow us, and from time to time go for a check-up where our doctor might measure our pulse and blood pressure.

The Man Card helps you measure what matters in a relationship. It’s designed to help you develop upgrade habits that will produce happiness, confidence and a feeling of being loved in your partner.

The Man Card can also be used by couples, families and friends. Couples take the card when they go for a coffee and families and friends use it around the dining room table. When used with others there is always laughter, often realization and resolve, and sometimes tears.

If you’re up to it, get your girl to rate you on each of the upgrade habits out of 10. Double the total and you’ll have a percentage. Show her you’re willing to work on the growth areas. If you’re a two, aim to make a 3 over a month. Small steps over time get a better result than trying to hit 10 quickly.