After many years of leadership responsibility, Brian and Moira have launched into a season of itinerant ministry.

Brian’s primary gifts include encouragement and evangelism through speaking (preaching/teaching), writing and releasing resources for kingdom endeavours. 

When he speaks people:

  • increase their passion and effectiveness in reaching their ‘not yet followers of Jesus’ family and friends – he also communicates well with the un-churched.
  • increase the quality of their relationships with their families and church family – he can also do specific marriage or parenting or connect group teaching/preaching
  • increase their financial commitment to tithing or special projects such as missions and building funds
  • increase their leadership commitment and effectiveness
  • be freshly motivated to grow closer to Jesus
  • receive practical ideas for all the above 

The book of Esther doesn’t mention God, but His finger print is on every page. Brian has adopted this philosophy for I Grow in Grandad’s Garden and 'The Adventures of A B C & D. I guess that’s why so many (not yet followers of Jesus especially) say they get goose bumps when reading them.

He has developed a message which includes artwork and photos from GDGarden along with Scriptures which highlight the values of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Courage and Generosity. He adapts this message for Christian and secular settings. Response has been humbling and exciting. The message focus can be anything from building stronger families to reaching the community.

He has also developed a message from 'The Adventures of A B C & D' which includes artwork and photos from ABCD along with Scriptures which highlight the values of Love, Laughter and Wise Guidance'. He also adapts this message for Christian and secular settings. He adapts his message focus to suit a variety of church settings such as family services, parenting groups, women's groups, seniors, outreaches...

He has recently released a relationship book for men; The Man Book and early feedback is very positive. This book is very user friendly for unchurched and Brian has prepared a message around its content which he adapts for Men's Groups and Sunday services.

He will soon publish a high quality gospel brochure Christians can give to their ‘not yet Christian’ family and friends.

Featured Topics and Themes:

  • ‘How to Create a Happy Home (everyone has a home) – 4 essential environmental features or kingdom heart habits
  • ‘Creating a Healthy Learning Environment – 4 essential features’
  • 'Your Story has Power - building emotional healthy and happiness across the generations. Reveals how family history story telling builds core identity and family and church cohesion
  • ‘How to Live Happy Together’ – based on ABCD and highlighting the 'oxygen of love, the benefit of laughter and the compass of wise guidance'.
  • 'To love her' - based on the Man Book - this can be adapted for Sunday services and for Men's groups.
  • Marriage and Relationship themes
  • The Values of a Champion - the Ten Commandments
  • The Lords Prayer
  • The Beattidues
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Discipleship
  • The Adventure of Giving - tithing, building projects, mission giving...
  • Leadership
  • Believing in, Belonging, and Building the Local Church
  • Also:
  • Once there was a Perfect World – the gospel in 5 (Perfection, Pollution, Presence, Precipice and Purpose) A contemporary presentation of the good news – faithful to the historical Biblical narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Mission; but in today’s language with stunning artwork and high quality gospel brochures available to give to family and friends. (Available from June 2016)
  • How to Live Happy Together – Kingdom principles to create a dynamic and influential marriage, family, staff, connect group or church community. God’s Design, Our desire and 5 happy relationship habits. Kindness, Encouragement, Affection, Respect and Tenacity. Shows the toxic power of indifference and the creative power of kindness.
  • My Heart, the wellspring of life – Proverbs 4:23. To achieve God’s purposes for our life we need a clear mind and a healthy heart. Defines our heart. Examines the health of our heart. Shows the power of our heart motivation.
  • Along came Jesus. How men should treat women – takes a brief look at the attitudes and behaviours of men towards women in ancient and contemporary culture. Declares kingdom attitudes and behaviour God expects of men toward women. Luke 13:10-17
  • Don’t forget who you are – shows how who we are in Christ is the foundation for understanding our primary identity; and the confidence for life that flows from that.
  • Father’s Day and Mother’s Day specials

Brian is very versatile and adapts naturally to any environment

Moira is an accomplished speaker, specialising in personal transformation through spiritual development. Her new book, ‘The Secret To Inner Beauty’ has just been published. Moira is available both for Sunday preaching and for any women’s ministry occasions.

It would be our honour and joy to be of effective service to you and your church family. 

(07) 3342 4317
0412 804 448

Brian’s Christian Leadership Bio Data

Born in North Canterbury, New Zealand

Qualified Carpenter – 1969-72 Voluntary Building Papua New Guinea – 1972-73

Bible College of New Zealand – Diploma – 1974-75

Youth with a Mission – International (10+ nations) Training and Leadership – 1976-77

World Vision Regional Representative – South Island NZ – 1978-79

Associate Pastor Spreydon Baptist Church (charismatic church of 1,000+) – Director of Worship, Evangelism and Discipleship. Co-founder of Ministry Internship Course in partnership with Bible College of New Zealand – 1980-83

Senior Pastor Holland Park Baptist Church Brisbane (Became Gateway Baptist Church) Dramatic growth to 1,500+ church with 100 connect groups. Founded Training College, purchased land and developed new $5 million dollar campus which included 1,500 seat auditorium - 1984-95

One of ten global leaders for AD 2,000 movement – South Pacific Region – 1991-95

Newspaper columnist (weekly readership 100,000 to 250,000) – 1989 – 2012

Itinerant Ministry – 1996-1997

Acting Senior Pastor 2,000+ church Greenlane Christian Centre Auckland, NZ – 1998

Senior Pastor Rivercity Christian Church New Farm, Brisbane – 1999-2007

Lecturer Metro Leadership College 2008-10

Attained Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment – 2009

Speaker and author - 2011 - current

Author – bestselling motivational book More Ice-Cream, Less Beans 1996 (27,000+ sold)

Author – bestselling illustrated children's book, I Grow in Grandad’s Garden 2009 (17,000+ sold)

Author - second illustrated children's book,  'The Adventures of A B C & D' 2013 (4,000+ sold)

Author - 'The Man Book' - a relationship book for men 2017

Walked the Kokoda Track, completed Gold Coast half marathon and Mooloolaba Triathlon

Preached in over 20 nations and most denominations

Home Church: Hillsong, Brisbane