The Adventures of ABCD

The Adventures of ABCD

The Adventures of A B C & D was born in the shining, wide eyes of Brian's grandchildren. "Tell it again Grandad! Tell it again!" they echoed as he told them stories from his childhood.

It offers 10 family history stories of Brian and his 3 brothers as they negotiate their early years in the 50's and 60's. The author hopes reading them will inspire many to tell their own stories. Brian's older brother was Anthony, and his two younger brothers, Christopher and Douglas. They became known as A B C & D and grew up accompanied by their dog Tojo.

'Grow Happy Kids Naturally. Tell family history stories'.

The most important thing you can do for your children and grandchildren is about the easiest: Tell family history stories. According to Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia) research, the best single predictor of a child's emotional health and happiness is what researchers call a strong 'intergenerational self' which means they have a sense of belonging, a sense of where they fit in the world. And this they learn through the telling of stories.

Brian says his mum and dad didn't have a single book or video on raising kids and never had the input of parenting professionals; yet they provided their boys with the 'oxygen of love' the benefit of laughter and the compass of wise guidance enabling them to become happy and confident.

The Adventures of A B C & D:

- will help you grow happy and confident children

- will inspire you to tell your own family history stories

- provides interactive stories that get kids talking

- will make you smile, laugh out loud, and remember

- helps grandparents communicate with their grandchildren

- helps parents, grandparents, teachers and mental healthcare professionals discover what children are thinking and feeling

- helps clarify and reinforce positive values


Especially for Grandparents:

‘Grandchildren are our link to the future. Grandparents are their link to the past’

The relationship of grandparents and grandchildren is an ‘emotionally uncomplicated form of love’.

 ‘When an older person dies, it is as if a library burns down’ – African proverb.

28 pages + cover 

The Adventures of ABCD

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'You have managed to combine education and entertainment with The Adventures of A B C & D - there is nothing on the market like this' Book Shop Owner.

'No-one is allowed to leave our home until our 4 year old son has told them the 'Top Bunk Potty Pee' story which he thinks is about the most hilarious story he's ever heard'. Mother

Teacher: 'I read The Adventures of A B C & D to my class and they loved it! They laughed a lot and they enjoyed the stories from the olden days!! The Teacher/Librarian at school is keen to purchase some copies...I plan to show it to some of my colleagues also this week."

The teacher also commented that ABCD was a perfect fit with the F-10 Australian Curriculum.

'Ryan just LOVES the Adventures of A B C & D. Thank you so much'. Mother

'The Adventures of A B C & D' is the best children's book I've read in years!. Our boys just love it.' Mum of two boys.

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