Grow Good Kids

'Creating a Better Future for our Children'

'I Grow in Grandad's Garden' is the first illustrated children's book in the 'Grandad's Garden' series all designed to help you 'Grow Good Kids'.
The series is designed to help you set up the children in your world for success and significance.

Grandad's Garden invites readers to take a personal development journey around our tropical garden in Yeronga; South East Queensland.

Readers take a break at the Think and Thank Seat, The Let Go Log, Cross Over Corner and the Dream Table where simple interactive questions open up stimulating conversation.

Parents, teachers, grandparents and mental health care professionals report significant impact through reading this book with the children in their world.

Please take a walk around our garden:

It all started when I began to take my grandchildren for a walk around our garden. Over time the walk, look, sit and chat evolved into a 4 'Stop Spot' personal growth experience. A casual comment by a visiting friend who discovered what I did with my grandchildren, suggested it would be a good children's book.

When I researched the writing of a children's book, I found many parents wanting children's books that would help them pass on good values such as gratitude, forgiveness, courage and generosity. They talked about the danger of their children growing up with a personal culture of self entitlement and of their desire for something better for their kids.

"We're setting our children up for economic prosperity, but what's the point if they live in an emotional desert?" they queried.

 I Grow in Grandad's Garden helps develop emotional prosperity in children, which mums and dads intuitively know will produce healthy relationships and lasting happiness.

Moira and I have been astonished and humbled that many adults report goosebumps when they read the book, some even admitting to tears.

Over 17,000 copies sold!