Relationship Coaching

Brian Andrew – Relationship Coach


  • To give hope
  • Coach conversation to help you think clearly – state of play assessment
  • To inspire you to take action. To secure your greatest asset
  • Not therapy with a focus on the past. Not counselling such as conflict resolution
  • It’s cost effective – cheaper than a divorce!


  1. ‘State of Play’ assessment
  2. What I do – I’m kind; she’s happy Kindness
  3. What I say – I’m encouraging; she’s confident Encouragement
  4. How I touch – I’m affectionate; she feels loved Affection
  5. How I listen – I’m attentive; she’s contented Attentive
  6. How I respond – I’m generous; she’s grateful Generous
  7. What I think – share a dream; play like a team Facing the same direction
  8. How I feel – be happy yourself; fall in love again Heart Health


8 Sessions over 8, 16 or 32 weeks
Length: 60/75 minutes
Price: $ Pay up front in full: $
Extra sessions: $