Grandparent Days

Grandparent Days provide a rare opportunity to honour the unique and valuable role of Grandparents (And special friends) They build community and enhance the well being of schools.

I've been told I am the Number One Grandparent Day presenter in Queensland! Sounds good, but I don't think there is a number 2! although my wife Moira is close behind. We both really enjoy Grandparent Days.

My goal is to serve the best interests of your school. I am totally flexible and willing to shape my presentation to achieve the best outcome for your special event. My Grandparent Day presentations have included classroom, library, outdoor and auditorium settings. Some schools schedule rotating classes with Grandparents listening in, while others combine students and Grandparents in a large setting.

Grandad's Garden invites readers to take a personal development journey around our tropical garden in Yeronga; South East Queensland.
Readers take a break at the Think and Thank Seat, The Let Go Log, Cross Over Corner and the Dream Table (The four Stop Spots) where simple interactive questions open up stimulating conversation.

Here's a few successful Grandparent Day formats:

a) Brian's introduction - 2 minutes, reading - 10 minutes, inspiration for Grandparents - 3 minutes. Total: 15 minutes.

b) Brian speaks for several minutes and then does reading for 10 minutes. Total: 15-25 minutes. (Our utube clip could be incorporated)

c) Any variation is possible.

His 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden' readings usually involve brief interaction around the 4 Stop Spot questions.

His 'Adventures of A B C & D' readings can also include brief interaction around the 'life lessons' of the 10 stories. Some schools have a smallish number of prep or junior school students on stage. Most schools have scanned 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden' or 'The Adventures of A B C & D' and portray the book on large screens. Brian's introductory comments or first 5 minute focus is on honouring the Grandparents.  

Brian's wife Moira wrote 'I Grow in Grandma's Garden' which builds on the features of 'I Grow in Grandad's Garden'. It helps children develop positive attitudes, overcome worry, grow in confidence and discover their dreams from an early age. Brian and Moira often present together, but Moira is also an accomplished presenter and is available to speak in schools.  

A rapidly increasing number of Independent, Catholic and State Schools are including Grandparent Days in their annual calendar as a highly anticipated special event. Some schools are Grandparent Day veterans having produced them for around twenty years. Others are just getting off the starting block and are looking for inspiration and ideas. Most of the Grandparent Days I have attended were 'standing room only'.


How to Create a Memorable Grandparent Day


 ‘A well produced Grandparent Day will be a highlight of the school calendar’

‘Grandchildren are a grandparent’s link to the future…

Grandparent’s are the child’s link to the past’


‘To honour the unique and valuable role of Grandparents’

 ‘To recognise their contribution to the well being of our school due to their influence on our students and their parents’

‘To build community’


The School Principal – successful Grandparent Day’s (GPD’s) have the backing of the Principal

Team Leader: Head of Primary, or a passionate teacher who builds the GPD team


Some schools establish their Grandparent Day date the previous year.

Many students have Grandparents who plan their national and international travel to coincide with their grandchildren’s GPD.


Effective Ingredient options:


Music              School band, orchestra, instrumentalists, CD, DVD

Song/s            School choir, soloists (student and/or parent), DVD

Creative          Fashion parade, dance

Readings         Honouring Grandparents/Family/Community/Faith based

Prayers           (Independent Christian or Catholic Schools)

Guest Speaker/Presenter – a specialist with the ability to honour Grandparents and engage children and preferably with visuals on the big screen 

Visuals – Grandparents with Grandchildren – during musical or vocal items or as a lead in with music background – parents supply the photos

Most schools include children in the ‘Celebration’ – where possible this is preferable.

On the Day:

MC – a good MC is critical to the success of the day. Sometimes this person is head of Primary or Junior School coordinator

Clear signage and/or student welcome team for Grandparents to find their way to the venue 

Good seating with good visibility – large screen if possible

Sound quality must be highest possible – many older/elderly folks have limited hearing 

A. Visiting Children’s Classrooms:

At the end of the Cuppa/Coffee invite the children to take their Grandparents to their classroom

Pre GPD – get the children working on projects that can be highlighted on the day. Some schools have activity sheets/activities that GP’s can enjoy with their Grandchildren

B. Activities:

At the end of the Cuppa/Coffee invite the children to take their Grandparents outside or to the undercover activity venue where they engage with their Grandparents…

Activity examples – Plant a Petunia, Dream Table – cotton bud painting, Playdough, Digital photos, Think and Thank Seat – write a thank you note to your Grandparents, Parrot Puppet, Bookmark, ICT games, Sand play, ball games…


Your school has unique opportunities to include extras such as sporting events/musical recitals…

Morning Tea/Refreshments:

Timing is critical – don’t make your guests wait too long for a cuppa 

Most schools lay on a ‘great spread’, some involving volunteers along with staff

Ease of access is also very important – some Grandparent Days have up to 800 adults in attendance!

Many schools have students background performing during the morning tea

Look at sample programmes on:


Some schools invite Grandparents to purchase new library books

Celebrating GPD is gathering momentum. Some have been holding them for 20 years while many are just getting started.

Demographics – some locations make for greater participation – eg a region where there is a high number of retirees

For more Grandparent Day ideas take a look at our frequently updated site at:

Speaker, storyteller and bestselling children’s book author, Brian Andrew has emerged as a significant Australian wide GP Day speaker/presenter

He has been the special guest presenter to State, Catholic and Independent Schools across Queensland and beyond to crowds of up to 1,500

Readings of his bestseller I Grow in Grandad’s Garden typically take around 12/15 minutes allowing for some engagement

He can also present/read his book and engage both Grandparents and students for up to 30 minutes

“You are teaching us how to be Grandparents”, “You place something in our hearts and give us something to take home”, “Thank you for creating something that helps us communicate with our Grandchildren”


Celebration                      - big crowd event to honour Grandparents

Cuppa/Coffee                  - generous morning tea to build community

Classroom or Activity     - indoors or outdoors to build relationships between    Grandparents and Grandchildren and teachers

Sample Program:

8.40/50 arrive at school

9.00 Celebration begins

Celebration contains your unique essential ingredients as above

Celebration lasts for 45 to 60 minutes

9.45/10 Cuppa/Coffee

10.30/45 Classroom or Activity Time

Typically lasting 45 to 60 minutes

** Some schools commence their GPD at 1.00 pm

You are welcome to download or copy any of this information – Brian Andrew

I am a speaker, storyteller and author of the bestselling children’s book, ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’. I have been the special guest speaker to State, Catholic and Independent Schools across Australia and New Zealand to crowds of up to 1,500

Readings of ‘I Grow in Grandad’s Garden’ (GDG) typically take around 10/12 minutes allowing for some engagement. I also present/read GDG and engage both Grandparents and students for up to 30 minutes.         mob: 0412 804 448

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