Teachers Testimonials

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'Your message Brian, touched our grandparents' hearts and I know that many were challenged to spend more quality time with their grandchildren. Your encouragement to them to tell their stories to the children and keep them connected to their past with a sense of belonging is so pivotal for families and a message so seldom shared today.'

Cheryl Bryers – Head of Primary – Glasshouse Christian College (2017)

'Your talk Brian was excellent. It hit the right blend of Christian and worldly wisdom and practical ways to apply them. The timing was also perfect and the stories were very entertaining. I really liked the PowerPoint as well. I think the audience appreciate the talk coming from a fellow grandparent. Thank you for helping us to make it a very positive day.'

Mike Curtis – Principal – Glasshouse Christian College (2017)


'We thought we would give our Grandparent’s Day a shake up this year and having Brian and Moira speak to our Prep 3 and 4-6 groups provided the perfect formula for the rejuvenation of the event. They were a hit with both our grandparents and students. Brian’s hilarious anecdotes reminded the grandparents of the good old days and had the students chuckling with delight. They would then counterbalance the message with absolute sincerity with Brian and Moira both speaking about the importance of grandparents in the lives of young people. I am confident many a grandparent returned home that afternoon to redesign their garden to be like the one in I Grow in Grandad’s Garden!'

Wayne Cross – Head of Pastoral (Primary) – Clayfield College (2017)

Tonia Lassman – Head of Teaching & Learning (Primary) – Clayfield College (2017) 


'Every child in our Primary Campus loved hearing Brian and Moira Andrew speak about their books. Children learned about how to write books, the inspiration behind the ideas from a Christian perspective, and how many people can be touched through books.  Much laughter was heard as the children made many heart connections to being thankful, letting go, having courage and letting God feed their dreams. Brian and Moira were able to beautifully cater their talks to different age levels in a fun, meaningful and relevant manner. Many aspiring authors were spurred on that day, and many hearts drawn closer to our Father God.'

Alison Collins – Primary Library Co-ordinator – Brisbane Christian College (2017)


‘GDG is stunning. I absolutely love it! I will tell other teacher/librarians about it.’

‘Brian’s visit to Heights College’s Grandparents Day was both inspirational and memorable. Brian’s book ‘I grow in Grandad’s Garden’ provided a rich and highly creative theme for the event and allowed our Primary teaching staff to weave a tapestry of activities and classroom based activities around this common thread prior to the visit. Our Prep classrooms were immersed in vibrant and colourful snapshots of Grandad’s Garden, and enabled the use of learning centres and pathways around the room that complemented the topics covered in the book. Heights College staff was also privileged to have Brian share at a staff meeting on the day prior to the event, where Brian instantly engaged and motivated our teaching staff through his witty, dynamic and inspirational presentation. Brian has a unique capacity to share out of the overflow of a full life and this always ensures that his presentations are relevant, meaningful and practical to both staff and students alike.

On Grandparent’s Day Brian’s outstanding storytelling and public speaking gifts captivated the full auditorium and his capacity to connect through his expressive, enthusiastic and engaging retelling of “I Grow in Grandad’s Garden” ensured that the audience felt like he was speaking to each person individually. After the assembly, the entire community was abuzz with excitement and glowing recommendations for both the presentation and the content covered within the book. Entire families: grandparents, parents and students, were eager to have their own copy of the book and the celebration of community and family was so tangible and electric throughout the entire day. Brian, on behalf of the entire Heights College community, we sincerely thank you for leaving an enduring legacy within our school community and for making Grandparents Day such an unforgettable event.’

Darren Iselin – Headmaster – Heights College 


‘Brian’s picture book ‘I grow in Grandad’s Garden’ is a fabulous story, life metaphor and vehicle for discussion. It has universal appeal for all ages. Added to this is Brian’s own skill as a presenter and guest speaker. I can recommend both the text and the author – we were delighted with Brian’s day at Fairholme College and the ‘food for thought’ provided by his highly engaging presentations.’ 

Linda Evans – Principal – Fairholme College


‘Brian formed a brilliant link with our entire staff who overwhelmingly described his sessions as inspirational. A gifted communicator, Brian’s stories remind us that there are foundational life principles, which provide direction and hope to people of all ages in the middle of the ‘stuff’ of life. If you want to start great community conversations, read I Grow in Grandad’s Garden at a school assembly; the kids, parents and staff will thank you for it! This is a must-have book for children to have read to them.’

Leighton Kuss – Principal – Northside Christian College 


‘Brian’s shared reading of his book had the children captivated. Actually meeting the author and hearing him read and talk about his book which had already found a connection in their hearts and had become a part of their thinking about life and relationships was such a special experience. To have the opportunity to show “Grandad” their own Grandad’s garden was one of the highlights of the year. The children’s grandparents were entranced and felt empowered to share their own wisdom of life’s journey with their grandkids. Brian’s books were held tightly in the hands of their new owners - young and older alike! 

Grandad’s Garden gave the children a sense of personal and social responsibility and their interconnectiveness with God’s environment. It also incorporated valuing learning from people who have lived longer or before them who could share their gifts of wisdom and knowledge. These idea(l)s are helping the children to gain skills in cooperating with others and to work at resolving conflicts in a non violent way as well as taking responsibility for their own actions. I grow in Grandad’s Garden sits well with Early Years pedagogy and the new National Curriculum with links to Science, History and English as well as the Ethical behaviours, Cross curriculum priorities and General capabilities. 

I grow in Grandad’s Garden created LOTS of discussion…and then we added our ideas of Brian’s ideas to our outdoor area. The children just LOVE his book as has everyone I have shared it with to date! A must have addition to any teacher’s library!’

Christine Nolan – Learning Support (Early Years Teacher) – Our Lady of the Rosary School


‘Grandad’s Garden has now become a feature of our classroom culture. The kids suggest when they or a classmate needs to go to a particular ‘stop spot’ ’ – Jessica, Teacher who has sold over 30 copies of GDG to parents 

‘Thank you for a truly inspiring children’s book. As a mother, early childhood teacher and guidance officer, I find this book so clever and engaging…I will be passing on your details to my friends.’ – Annabel, Mother of 3 

‘I read GDG to my Grade 6 children (10/11 yrs) and had the most dynamic 45 minute session of my entire school year. They loved it and everyone wanted to participate. I learned lots of new things about my students’ – Michelle, Teacher 

‘The children are very engaged by GDG and the teachers love it too’ – Assistant Principal 

‘Your book has created lots of discussion…our teachers and students are gaining much from your amazing book’ – Teacher 

‘I would like to present your book and the values it contains at a conference – can you make copies available for delegates?’ – Teacher (Answer: YES) 

‘I am so passionate about GDG. The kids love it. We are setting up our classroom with the four stop spots. I have placed GDG in our library and given a copy to three other teachers’ – Libby, Grade 2 Teacher 

‘We are developing your insightful ideas and thoughts in our Prep playground. It helps us develop social skills and resilience in our children’ Sharnee, Teacher 

‘This will be a perfect gift for the disadvantaged families we are trying to help. I would like 35 copies’ – Alan, Community Care Co-ordinator